Call Center Solutions

Xtend Call Center Cost-effective communication toolkit developed for call automation and dialing services with built-in call transfer facility.

Work From Home Feature Available
  • Blended Multi-channel Contact Center
  • Call Routing, Queuing Status & Auto-callback
  • IVR and Automatic Call Distribution
  • Hot Desking with Agent Session Reports

Telephone Recording Solutions For The Stock Market

Innovation in Telecom Since 1997 Monitor/Record/Analyse all trade calls and store audio recordings for more than five years to keep evidence and to meet organisational compliance. Implemented by 100+ Stock Brokers and used by Clients across 50+ Countries.
  • Centralised Management
  • Real-time Supervision
  • Order Reconciliation
  • Redundant Storage
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Telephone Call Recording System

Multi-channel voice recording product to monitor and analyse real-time customer interactions over phone through a browser-based interface from any desktop.
  • Records Analog, Digital, VoIP lines
  • Highly Cascadable (256+ ports)
  • Excellent Voice Quality
  • User-friendly Browser Interface
Xtend Voice Logger

Interactive Voice Response System

Interactive Voice Response System Rapid IVR development toolkit with support for analog and digital telephone lines to implement an automated call answering system in an organisation.
  • Real-time Voice Streams
  • Support for 10 Distinct Voice APIs
  • Database Access via ADO or ODBC
  • Examples for C#, VB, .Net, Java
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Automated Outbound Dialing System

Xtend Outbound Dialer Cost-effective product developed for automating outbound calls in an organisation.
Implementation reduces call cost and manual dialing to a large extent.
  • User-friendly Browser Interface
  • Supports Multiple Campaigns
  • Import Call List in CSV Format
  • Extensive Campaign Reports

Call Billing System

Xtend Call Billing System Simple and hassle free telecom expense management system to capture, record and bill the telephone usage for ensuring efficient telecom utilisation.
  • Local/STD/ISD and Inter/Intra Call Reports
  • Extensive Search/Filter/Retrieval Options
  • View/Print Expensive Call Reports
  • Automatically Send Reports via E-mail
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Using the standard “Work From Home” feature of our Xtend Call Center Solutions you can quickly connect and interact proactively at any time.
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Xtend has unrivalled expertise in developing and delivering computer-based telephony solutions that can be implemented across enterprise for effective customer service. Since 1997, the company has pioneered a wide range of voice applications that cover the varied spectrum of telecom industry. The entire range of products since inception includes Interactive Voice Response Systems, Voice Logging Solutions, Commercial Mobile Solutions and much more. These products have been used by prominent Satellite channels, Engineering colleges, Banks, Telecom and other private and public sector companies for dissemination of information to their customers. Read More

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