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Call Recording Solutions For Stock Brokers

Xtend Voice Logger is a dynamic call recording solution used by more than 100 stock brokers to record trade calls, centrally supervise remote offices and to keep the complete details of orders placed by the client over phone for future references.

By implementing our call recording solutions, stock brokers can adopt best practices for smooth operations and also minimise the operational risk to meet the mandate published in SEBI Circular CIR/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD2/CIR/P/2017/108 dated 26th September 2017.

Voice Logger

Scalable Deployment With Centralised Management, Redundant Storage, Order Matching & Reconciliation

Xtend Voice Logger offers live supervision of trade calls, indepth analysis of recorded interactions and extensive data storage capability for more than 5 years to meet the organisational compliance and achieve operational excellence in trading process. Innovative range of call recorders are available for small, medium and large trading firms, the supported models include Analog/Digital/VoIP/Audio/Wireless and Mobile Phone logging with dynamic features and superb functionality.

The key reason for the unprecedented popularity of Xtend Voice Logger is that our product is completely designed and manufactured from ground-up in India enabling us to provide custom integration with your existing IT & Software Infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our support and we maintain extensive support personnel to address any and all issues you might face.

It's an essential solution for share markets, stock brokerages, mutual funds, banking and other financial sectors.

Stock Broker's Benefits

Smoothly Resolve Disputes: Recording of phone conversation ensure a voice log which can be kept as a record of each trade order finalised over phone, this audio proof is useful in resolving customer disputes in a transparent manner.

Centralised Screening System: Monitoring the trade happening in the branch offices from the HO helps in better supervision and proper control. Central management helps to minimise the operational risk and improve the productivity in the branches.

Order Matching and Reconciliation Module: Recorded trade calls can be retrieved using unique Customer ID and thus all the trade details including the trade audio waves can be extracted at any time to verify the accuracy of transaction. This helps to reduce errors, resolve disputes in a cordial manner and enhance operations.

Assure Organisational Compliance: Since customer support personnel of the trading firm are aware of the call recording process, they will be careful to adhere to company policy, regulations and etiquette when on phone.

Detect Unauthorised Trades: Recorded trade calls are stored securely to prevent unauthorised editing/modification of the audio logs. The product comes along with a dynamic tamper detection feature that notifies any alteration of audio file through the browser interface.

Enhance Service Quality: Supervisors can easily and quickly retrieve, review and evaluate phone calls. Capabilities like complete interaction recording, call monitoring, audit trails and more, assure that orders can be completely matched to ensure perfect service quality and compliance.

Useful Features & Advantages For Stock Brokers

Audio Logs of All Communications: Xtend Voice Logger records the complete audio as well as call parameters from landline, extensions, soft phones, mobiles etc., and shows the details through the feature-rich browser interface. Using the ActiveX audio player, an authorised official can listen to the recorded audio and analyse interactions to get an overview of activities over phone.

Centralised Management: Centralised software installed at Head Office (HO) can connect, monitor and store call data from multiple offices. Every call can be administered and complete details can be fetched from branch office for call analysis on regular basis. Full-fledged branch reports with caller/called id, date, time, duration, call status and audio recordings are available to centrally manage, evaluate and control remote locations.

Advanced Search Options: Search calls using multiple parameters, for example, caller/ called number, date, time, comment and many other options to quickly and easily retrieve the required call information. Critical calls can be combined and saved as a separate file for future reference.

Order Matching and Reconciliation: Allows to match the trade order placed over phone using an organised reconciliation platform, it incorporates essential options to verify the placed orders, reconcile and carry out the trade settlement. Different reconciliation phases provided in the Xtend Voice Logger helps to maintain the trade accounts with reduced error and minimises the operational risk to a large extent.

Tamper Detection and Protection: Automatically detects and notifies any editing/modifications in the audio content. To improve security, audio file can be saved in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorised access.

Redundant Storage Capability: Prevents audio logs from being lost due to any uncertainties through redundant recording, thus assuring availability of recorded data at any time.

Supports CRM Integration: Xtend Voice Logger seamlessly integrates with the third party applications, such as CRM and the recorded call details can be provided to the Supervisor for evaluation purpose.

Inbound Screen Popup: For inbound calls, receive popup alerts on your PC. Add customer details in real-time and save information in the phonebook to quickly identify the caller next time to provide a personalised experience.

Long Archival Capability: Recorded calls can be stored for a long period (more than 5 years) as an evidence of each order placed by the client over phone and can be henceforth used to resolve any dispute that occurs over the placed order.

With our expertise and core R&D strengths in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) we are capable to meet all types of call recording challenges of a trading organisation. We provide excellent technical support that adopts a proactive approach to resolve all issues. Our customers belong to multiple verticals, which include defence, government, financial, healthcare, hospitality, education, business, retail and IT.

Implement The Field Proven & Trusted Xtend Voice Logging Solutions To Rapidly Address Compliance Requirements

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