Xtend OBD

Xtend Voice Logger
Supports Higher Call Volumes

Xtend Outbound Dialer is an ISDN-based product with multi-line operational capability to handle higher volumes of calls. The Outbound Dialer delivers greater functionality and has the ability to dial out more than 30 calls in a minute through multiple channels.

Multi-line Operational Mode

The automated dialing system operates through multiple channels and thus it can run variety of campaigns at the same time to reach hundreds of customers within few moments. The Outbound Dialer can be utilised to perform activities like announcing advertisements, offers, bill dates etc. to customers targeted to drive revenue growth.

User-friendly Interface with Multiple Logins

The secure browser interface of Xtend Outbound Dialer displays the full-fledged reports of the campaign logs. Complete campaign activity reports with call information like called numbers, date, status etc. are displayed on the GUI. At any time, the senior personnel can access the GUI to monitor the status of the configured campaigns.

Multiple Campaign Management

Campaigns can be created, edited and updated at any time through the browser interface. Multiple channels can be dedicated to run different campaigns at the same time. You can create your own campaign and Xtend OBD will ensure a smooth running of the configured campaigns.

Add, Edit and Set Priority for Campaigns

Xtend Dialer allows the user to group the customers into specified groups, and thus they can develop interactive campaigns to target each group. Campaigns can be created and edited at any time from the browser interface. On the basis of priority assigned, Xtend OBD tries to deliver the voice message to the group of customers with higher priority.

Prompts in Multiple Languages

Marketing/promoting any advertisement or offer to the customers through voice messages needs to be delivered in interactive languages. Xtend OBD has the extensive capability to dial out calls in multiple languages and detects the response of the customer through automatic speech recognition engine.

Advanced Search Options

Xtend OBD comprises of an advanced search filter tool to retrieve the complete details of specific calls. The tool fetches the call details on the basis of the user-specified conditions like campaign name, called/caller number, date, time duration etc. Call reports can be exported to CSV format.