Xtend Call Center


Using the standard “Work From Home” feature of our Xtend Call Center Solutions you can quickly connect and interact proactively at any time.

What's The Benefit You will Get?

For those having “Internet” access get call center solutions with complete features and functionalities for managing calls easily.

For those without “Internet” access easily work from home using our call center solutions with lower features and functionalities.

For those who are our “Existing” customers we can help you to reconfigure and stay connected without any additional licensing cost.

Xtend Call Center - Work From Home

Download PDF - Xtend Call Center Solution
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Work From Home feature is an in-built feature available in Xtend Call Center Solutions. To prevent operational disruptions, every small, mid-size or large businesses are focussing on implementing long-term viable remote work options. Download the PDF for more information.

Providing The Best Opportunity For Everyone To Stay Connected