Xtend IVR

Xtend IVR Overview

The Developer Edition of Xtend IVR is available for free download. This video explains how to use the Developer Edition after the installation of the Software.

Xtend IVR is a Rapid Application Development toolkit for implementing Interactive Voice Response Systems quickly and easily.

The easy-to-learn scripting language, integrated debugging environment, variable view, single step mode, online help, syntax coloring editor and simulated on-screen phone enable you to quickly develop, test and demo IVR applications.

Xtend IVR - Salient Features

Click on the IVR video to familiarise with the unique features of Xtend IVR Toolkit.

Features including support for multiple voice cards, real-time audio streaming, conferencing, background playback, multi-language prompts, easy-to-learn scripting language, audio logging etc. are explained with the help of ample demonstration.