Xtend Voice Logger

Xtend Voice Logger : Screenshot
Audio Logs of All Calls

Automatically records the incoming/outgoing calls routed from analog, digital and VoIP lines. You can schedule the logging duration for trunk and extension lines, and restrict recording of certain phone calls e.g. personal calls.

User-friendly Browser-based Interface

Implements an easy-to-use browser-based application accessible from any remote computer with extensive call reviewing options. Listen to active calls and get in-depth details about each recorded call from the secure interface with certain administrative rights.

Multi-login Facility with Administrative Rights

Multiple users can login to the browser interface at different access levels with administrative rights. Groups can be created for call monitoring and calls can be assigned to each user-defined groups.

Advanced Search with Extensive Options

Browser interface comprises of advanced search features to retrieve call details on the basis of the given criteria. Perform an advanced search that lets you find the desired details within few moments.

Audio Compression to Multiple Formats

Audio files can be converted to advanced formats like GSM/MP3/PCM/G.711
A-law/-law etc. to save disk space. Compressed audio file can be exported to another user via e-mail for sharing data.

Records Complete Call Information

Get full-fledged call information on the browser interface. Call details comprises of Caller/Called ID, Date, Time, Duration and many other details in the form of reports which can be printed out as and when required.

Real-time Call Monitoring

Complete telephone network can be monitored from a remote location and later the same files can be reviewed multiple times from the same interface accessible anywhere at any time.

Client Popups for Incoming/Outgoing Calls

Remote popups alerts the remote call monitoring official about the active calls taking place in an organisation. To get an alert of ongoing calls, download the Remote Client from the browser interface.

Audio Player for Call Analysis

Listen to interactions, select and analyse the recorded audio file with advanced tools available in the Audio Player with AGC and DTMF muting. While listening, select and save multiple audio regions.

Data Backup, Restore and Export

Xtend Voice Logger allows to take the backup of calls to CD, DVD or HDD and also restores the backed-up files. Wave files can be compressed to multiple formats like GSM/MP3/PCM and exported via e-mail to a different user for sharing data.

Multiple Product Connectivity to Single PC

Easy connection for different analog and digital models to a single computer. User can access the single, secure and remote interface to monitor all the calls directed from multiple channels.

Scalable to Log Higher Densities

Analog Voice Logger is available in 1/2/4/8/12/16/../256+ ports and as per the requirement the design is scalable to log higher number of ports.

Customise Call Tags and Add Comments

Calls can be assigned specific tags for quick identification, these tags can be customised as per user's choice and remarks can be added to each call as per the significance.

Phonebook for Quick Identification

Phonebook gives you an easy way to gather and organise information about all your customer addresses and phones.

PCI DSS Compliant Call Recording

The built-in security prevents recording of Card/PIN numbers and CVV that are punched/entered by the card holder through telephone keypads to achieve full PCI compliance. The call recorder automatically detects keystrokes to pause the recording of sensitive card holder information. Supports DTMF masking to ensure protection of sensitive card details and provide masked data with instant encryption to the logged data.