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Xtend Products Overview

Xtend Products

Technology driven products with superior quality and high level of operational efficiency serves different business segments, including call centers, financial firms, healthcare, government offices and many more. Download the PDF for more information.

Xtend Product : Voice Logger

Xtend Voice Logger

The brochures of different models of Xtend Voice Logger are mentioned here. The user can directly download user manuals and installation guides of our products to get complete information about the implementation in any kind of industry. All you have to do is click on the options given below to access the information.

Xtend Product : Xtend IVR

Xtend Call Center Solutions

Xtend Call Center is a computer-based application program designed to automate the inbound/outbound calls in an organisation. Itís a cost-effective communication tool developed for call automation and dialing services. To know more about the blended solutions and its features, click on the links below to download and refer free documents.

Xtend Product : Xtend IVR

Xtend IVR

The evaluation version of the IVR development toolkit can be downloaded from this section. The evaluation version, also known as the Developer Edition is used to develop and demo an IVR solution using Xtend IVR. You will get complete information about the use of the product through the brochures available. Click on Download to access the information.

Xtend Outbound Dialer

Xtend Outbound Dialer is an automated dialing system that dials a list of phone number in a particular list for telemarketing purposes. Main aim is to promote or introduce various programs, advertisements, products etc in a simple and effective way. Download the user manual of the product from the below link to get a detailed information about how to use the product.

Xtend Call Billing System

The Call Billing Software offers comprehensive and flexible solution that helps the user to analyse the call costs and reduce the expense incurred across the entire enterprise. To know more about the telecom expense management solution, click on the links below to download and refer the information in the documents to get familiarised with the powerful telephony solution.