Xtend OBD

Outbound Call Management

Implementation of automated outbound dialing in an organisation simplifies the process of call handling to a large extent. Xtend OBD can dial thousands of calls at a time through multiple channels to reach out to subscribers with variety of campaigns.

Maximise Productivity

With the automation of outbound calls the time consumed by a customer service personnel in manual dialing reduces largely and this allows to have more control over operations resulting in greater productivity.

Sales Promotion

Xtend OBD can be utilised as a powerful marketing tool to optimise business profits. Any small, medium or corporate organisation can promote their services, offers etc. through our automated campaigning system.

Multiple Campaign Management

Monitor and manage multiple campaigns with complete ease through an advanced browser interface that allows to create, edit, schedule and prioritise campaigns.

Lead Generation

If you need to grow business fast through lead generation then Xtend OBD is the right choice. You can make the optimium use of Xtend OBD by promoting the company products and services to customers through advertisements which will automatically generate leads to get more business on your books.