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Xtend Call Billing

Xtend Call Billing System

Xtend Call Billing system helps to identify the cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation. User can easily identify the areas where the costs are high and optimise the usage through controlled measures. Single line voice recording is provided free and by implementing the Call Billing System with voice logging, the call budgeting factor can be controlled proactively as never before.

Business Advantages

  • Analyse reports in advance to perceive the overall cost
  • Statistical presentation allows to check operational efficiency
  • Check real time status using live dashboard
  • Optimise call cost by evaluating the expensive call list
  • Save full-fledged billing reports for future reference
  • Centrally monitor and manage telephone usage
  • Eliminate use of unused phones and check unwanted calls
  • Prevent misuse of telephone and improve productivity

With the best viewing experience on the colour-themed web interface, user can monitor call traffic and phone usage using the live dashboard. Analyse the reports in advance and control call costs using the graphical live call billing dashboard having the overall information about the total number of incoming and outgoing calls. View the overall cost and find specific information about the connected line or extension using the advanced search options. Detailed reports are available with useful information like Call Time, Trunk Name, Extension Number, Extension Group, Duration along with the total call count and cost. Single line recording provided free with Call Billing can be utilised to record the calls of a particular trunk/extension. User can easily access web interface and playback the audio recording to ensure compliance.

Key Features

  • User-friendly web interface with multi-login facility
  • Multi colour theme selection available for web interface
  • Dashboard with real-time graphical charts
  • Expensive report and peak hour statistics
  • Configure the trunk, applicable plan and call charges
  • Advanced search option to retrieve specific calls
  • Set off peak weeks and holiday dates
  • Print reports and convert to PDF/CSV formats
  • Account code based billing reports with detailed summary
  • Location-wise reports and supports centralised management

Setup preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of excessive expense and experience reduced telecom budget with the use of Xtend's efficient budgeting factor - Call Billing System.