Xtend Voice Logger

Quality Control

Call handling can be monitored on a regular basis to enhance the performance of the employees. Regular check on the live and recorded calls allows to prepare appraisal reports that can be utilised to enhance the communication skill.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether your customers are companies or individuals they are vital for your organisation. Customers whose needs are not met will not continue to do business with the companies from whom they are buying. To maintain a strong relationship with the customers you need to provide excellent support service. Recording of calls and interaction analysis helps to ensure the best-in-class service to the customers. Daily analysis of interactions over phone reduces spoken errors and improves performance thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution

Recording of the telephone conversation can be priceless when you overcome disputes in your business. The logged conversations act as an important proof to solve the differences and retain the respect of your customers.

Policy Compliance

The customer support representative in your office is aware of the call monitoring process taking place at the back-end. This makes the staff to be more precautious while speaking to the customer over phone. The support personnel will adhere to company policies and regulations, and thus there will be a chance of minimal spoken errors.

Organisational Development

Monitoring the complete telephone network helps to understand the interactions between customer and the support staff. Continuous reviewing of the calls enhances the efficiency of the staff thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Performance Management

There are chances that the front office or the customer support staff while answering the calls may commit speech errors. The staff can hear their own voice conversations with the customer to avoid mistakes and improve call etiquette.

Interaction Monitoring

Ensure the best performance in the organisation from interaction monitoring over phone. Daily assessment will let you know whether proper call etiquette is followed while conversing with the customers over phone or does your staff requires any training for improving communication skill. Customer satisfaction depends on quality of service, and the best quality can be achieved through interactive communication.