IVR Sample Scripts

IVR Sample Scripts

Free sample scripts designed using Xtend IVR toolkit are provided here to demonstrate some popular real-life interactive voice response applications. Telebanking, Changed Number Announcement System, Currency Rate Conversion, Examination Result Announcement, Opinion Polls, Text to Speech, Speech Recognition, Answering Machine, Raw Response Processing etc. are some of the samples presented here and are described briefly as follows:

Application Samples

  • Changed Number Announcement System - Informs the new phone number to the caller whenever call is dialed to the old number.
  • Currency Rate Conversion - Converts the specified currency rate to the targeted type.
  • Examination Results Announcement - Announces the exam results to the caller.
  • Opinion Polls - Automates survey process and delivers voter opinion quickly.

Telebanking Samples

The sample programs shown here will help you to create account balance enquiry system using different databases like dBase, Excel, MS-Access, MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server.

Internet Samples

  • BBC RSS Feeds - Checks for website updates.
  • Bullion Price - Retrieves the latest bullion price for gold, silver and platinum.
  • Stock Exchange - Illustrates the current stock price.
  • Voice to E-mail System - Conveys the recorded audio message to the recipient.
  • World Time System - Shows the current local time and date in cities and countries in all time zones.


  • Answering Machine - Attends the incoming call automatically and delivers the relevant information.
  • DotNet Daily Facts - Dials the subscriber number and updates the daily tips to caller.
  • Raw Response Processing - Automatically sends and receives raw messages.
  • World Time Server - Retrieves the world time via Skype.

Speech Recognition

Sample code illustrated here shows the use of Xtend IVR to retrieve the caller's response to voice prompts for different campaigns.

Multi-lingual Samples

This includes the sample script for bank balance enquiry in different languages as per the selection of the caller.


Converts text to the corresponding wave file and plays it whenever required.

The programs available with each topic are fully functional; user may try out these samples to understand the benefits of using Xtend IVR toolkit. Following these sample programs, developers can create interactive voice applications quickly and manage their system more efficiently than ever before.