Xtend IVR

Xtend Voice Logger : Clientele

Asianet Communications Ltd., Trivandrum

IVR based Quizzing System – Questions will be broadcast on the channel and the viewer has to call a given telephone number at a particular time and punch in his/her answer along with the phone number and STD code. Result will be informed within an hour.

B.S.N.L., Kolkata

Changed Number Announcement System, Fault Booking System, Payment Reminder System, etc. works on Xtend products.

Changed Number Announcement System - When the telephone numbers in a particular area are changed, the caller, unaware of the number change, will not be able to contact the desired number. In this case, the caller will be directed to the Automatic Changed Number Announcement System where the caller will be prompted to enter the old number after a beep. Once the number is entered, the called will receive the new number in the form of a voice message.

Fault Booking System & Payment Reminder System - When a telephone becomes faulty, the caller can register the complaint using Fault Booking System. The IVR will prompt the caller to punch the faulty telephone number after a beep. Once the number is entered, the fault booking is registered and the caller will receive the booking number for further reference. The BSNL staff will attend the fault according to the booking priority.

Business Today, Mumbai

Uses Xtend IVR for providing telephonic matrimonial and job enquiry services. The users once registered for the matrimonial or job placement services will receive all the details matching their requirements through telephone. After proper identification and authentication, the caller can get their latest matches about jobs or matrimonials in the form of audio text.

Federal Bank, Aluva

Uses Xtend IVR for their tele-banking and call centre solutions. Using this facility, an account holder can get his latest account balance by pressing few keys on his/her telephone. Xtend IVR gives total confidentiality and security to the information flowing through it. Bill Payment Service is also rendered through Xtend IVR to the customer to help them pay the bills on due date and time.

Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin

Common Admission Test (CAT) Information System is totally managed by the Xtend IVR system. A candidate who is appearing for the CAT conducted by Cochin University can know his/her examination centre by just keying in their admission ticket number through a telephone. They will receive a voice message about their examination centre. Once the exam results are announced, the candidate will also get his/her rank position in the form of a voice message by keying the admission ticket number through a phone as done before.

Concept Services, Bangalore

Proficiency in English language is the basic screen test for a candidate looking for a call centre job. The candidate has to call a particular telephone number connected to the Xtend IVR system to register for the call centre job. The system will ask the caller some questions like the type of job interested in, preferred timings, relevant experience, expected salary, etc in the form of voice messages and the answers from the caller are recorded in the server in the form of a single wave file. Then the wave file is forwarded to the employers where they do the initial screening and the candidates will be called for further interviews.

Concept Services has previously used Xtend IVR as front-end in the Call Centre for Karnataka Tourism. The caller was given all the details about the tourism in Karnataka state through Xtend IVR.

Kyocera Wireless (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Kyocera, one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in India, is using Xtend IVR for their Mobile Testing Solutions. The working of keypads, microphone, speakers, etc on the mobile phone are tested using the IVR installed in their testing labs at Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.

Southern Railway, Palakkad

Provident Fund and Loan information is made available to the railway employees of the Palakkad Division through Xtend IVR. The employees will get the latest information on provident fund and the loan details after they punch in their employee code number through a local telephone.

Speed Post Centre, Cochin & Trichy

Speed Post Centre provides general information, package tracking, delivery status information etc through the Xtend IVR system. Public can get all the details about the services offered by Speed Post Centre over a local telephone throughout the day, seven days a week. Anybody who has send a package through this Centre can get its latest status through the same IVR system by punching in the tracking number provided at the time of booking the package at the Centre. If the package is delivered, all the relevant details will be provided to the caller.

The Rubber Board, Kottayam

Rubber Price Announcement System of the Rubber Board, Kottayam is automated using the Xtend IVR system. A caller can get the day's international and domestic market price of different grades of rubber in the form of voice messages. The IVR system also provides very useful information and telephone contact numbers of other departments functioning in the premises to the general public.