Xtend Call Center

Xtend Call Center Solutions is a powerful and advanced computer telephony integrated software solution designed to automate the inbound and outbound calls in an organisation. To know more about the product, download the following reference materials.

Xtend Call Center Solutions
Download PDF - Xtend Call Center Solution
Size: 975 KB
Download and view this brochure to get a brief idea about the Xtend Call Center Solutions, its working, advantages, applications, etc.
Salient Features
Download PDF - Salient Features
Size: 416 KB
Provides an outline of the browser-based features of Xtend Call Center Solutions. A short description of each feature with its position in the browser interface is available.
User Manual
Download PDF - User Manual
Size: 6.35 MB
This document provides the detailed information about the web interface of Xtend Call Center Solutions.