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Xtend Call Billing

Implement Call Billing System to get a comprehensive overview of the billing report for incoming and outgoing calls. The full-featured call billing and management options help to identify the areas where expenses are incurred and immediate measures can be implemented to optimise the usage of telecom network. Benefits include:

Xtend Call Billing System
  • Reduce call volume & telecom budget
  • Monitor unauthorised telephone usage
  • Improve productivity at workplace

Detailed report of all incoming/outgoing local, long distance and international calls with information like caller/called number, date and time of call, trunk/extension number, call type and the duration with cost of the call are available to facilitate the account management process. Single line voice recording is absolutely free and thus it enables the monitoring official to administer live and listen to a particular channel. The call billing system provides full visibility into the organisational telecommunication network with unparalleled ease and incredible management. Highlighted features include:

  • User-friendly browser interface
  • Extensive options to search, filter & retrieve
  • View expensive & peak hour reports
  • Easily configure call plan, rates & pulse
  • Trunk/extension/account code/plan-based reports
  • Set off-peak days & holiday schedule
  • Graphical reports for call analysis

The easy-to-use browser-based user interface makes it easy to administer the Call Billing System from any location at any time. Supporting multiple user access levels, the user interface helps supervisors, managers and top-level executives to review the reports, search and locate records and generate reports for further evaluation purposes. Phone calls can be monitored in real-time to know the communication usage and the supervisor can have in-depth knowledge of incoming and outgoing calls, the corresponding call time and duration, status and much more from the billing platform.

Deploy to overcome the excess telecom budget with utmost ease and automated control.